Teddy Bears in GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS, Queensland for sale

Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears

All teddies are from a collection and have NEVER been used.
Happy to negotiate a special price for all. Prices between $30.00 to $5.00
$25 Dakin - Light brown colour with Tartan scarfe and tamoshan.35cm high.
$30 Ross Bear. Woodroffe. Light brown with red vest and has a Growler. 35cm high.
$25 Gold Medal Plush. Dark bear with pale spotty paws. Tartan hat and vest. 38cm.
$25 Teddy and Friends. Dark grey with white bib. 44cm high.
$20 Bearberry. Purple bear with maroon bow. 30cm high.
$15 Tomfoolery. Pale fawn bear with tartan bow. 24cm high.
$10 Pastel pink/blue hairy bear. So soft and cute. 23cm high.
$20 Settler Bear. Pale bamboo colour with embroidered bib and left paw pad. 25cm high. $20 Grund. White bear dressed in pink as a ballerina. 28cm high.
$5 Keel Toys. Simply soft collection. London Bobby. Bean bear type.
$5 Jolly Roger. Pirate bear. Bean bear type.